No Photo Today – You will have to use your imaginations to picture the atrocities

I have been sick with a lousy stomach bug the past couple days. Diarrhea, vomiting, fever, chills, body aches, exhaustion. You know, the kind of bug that makes it unwise to venture to far from a bathroom. The kind that has you feeling so god-awful miserable you almost wish for death.

And isn’t it so heart-warming the way animals can sense when you are feeling bad? And contrive to be EVEN BIGGER BRATS than normal? As I staggered my way the barn to do chores, moaning with self-pity with every step, I found myself LOCKED out of the barn! The sheep had been playing with the inside door latch and managed to lock me out. I had to drag my sorry ass around the barn and crawl in through the haymow door.

As the day progressed the chickens knocked over their feeder, the cats knocked an egg out of a nest box, the sheep got out of the fence, the chickens made a concentrated run at the cat food when I put it down, and the cats took total advantage of my misery – jumping on my back/shoulders every time of stopped to rest and feel sorry for myself.

Seriously. Who is in charge here?

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