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Enjoying the Weather

The weather was mild enough yesterday, my nephew got to “help” me with chores for the first time in a while. He was in and out of the barn between playing in the snow. This is the kind of winter weather we should have more of.


Great for more than one reason


I can’t swear to it, but I think Spaulding has lost a bit of weight in the 4 days he’s been here. The girls are really giving him a workout. Even at feeding times he can’t settle down to eat. He will take a mouthful of food and, while chewing it, make a tour of the barn, sniffing butts.

Obviously, the most important thing about him being here is breeding. But MY favorite thing about him is his complete lack of interest in me. Unlike our last ram, Riley “the evil, maniacal, idiotic, pain-in-the-ass, deranged, out-to-get-me attempted assassin”, Spaulding does not make daily attempts to injure, maim, or kill me. I have to say, I am really enjoying having a fully mature ram in the barn who completely ignores me.

Look at that grin on Spaulding’s face!


Spaulding is not wasting any time. The girls aren’t either. Doing chores this morning I saw him mounting Boop several times and Marty once. He was also chasing after Fawn, Pita, Brandy, and Freckles. They wouldn’t stand for him yet, but probably have by the time I am writing this. Come May we are gonna have some babies! I can smell the testosterone in the barn. Didn’t smell that when it was just Dustin (Dudley) in the barn. The girls are happy. I am happy. Spaulding is very happy. I am recommending to Sissy that she dose him with Nutri-Drench. He is going to wear himself out!