When I left the barn last night Georgia was still on her nest, apparently trying to lay an egg. When got in the barn today she was still there. I was concerned she might be egg bound. Picked her up and felt her abdomen, but didn’t feel any thing. Put her down on the floor and shooed her outside for some air. A few minutes later she came back in the barn and flapped back up to her nest. I took her out and put her in front of the food tray. She ate a little, then headed back to her nest. Three times I had to remove her from the nest. And several times I caught her headed there and shooed her away. I don’t get it. I removed the egg she had laid, but there is still a plastic egg in there. I have fake eggs in several nesting spots to encourage the hens to use them. I’m wondering, is it possible Georgia is broody? Does she think the plastic egg is hers? Is she trying to hatch it? We don’t have a rooster. Can hens get broody in the absence of a rooster? When it started to get dark out I placed her on the roost. Several times she got down and headed back toward her nest in the feed room. Finally, as the other hens were settling down for the night, she decided to stay put and go to sleep on the roost. Hopefully she will be acting normal tomorrow.




I don’t know what is going on with Georgia lately. The other hens take 15-20 minutes to lay their eggs. Georgia will sit there for 2-3 HOURS before she produces an egg. Sometimes she moves around like she can’t get comfortable. Sometimes she appears to be asleep. Sometimes she breathes with her beak open, as if she is doing Lamaze. Is there such a thing as chronic eggstipation?



Luna is definitely feeling better. How do I know? She is getting harder to catch when it’s time for her shots.

Last night it took me half an hour to catch her for her midnight shot. Of course when one runs, they all have to run. So I was standing in the middle of a miniature roller derby. Round and round and round. I finally had to resort to using the crook to get ahold of her. Every time I tried to cut her off the whole herd reversed direction. Don’t get me wrong; it’s great that Luna can run in a circle that goes to the right. But I just wanted to give her the shot and go to bed. Two more doses to go, tonight and tomorrow morning. Just two.