Kitten antics


This little girl continues to be shy around me today. I was thinking of naming her Bashful, but she’s not a dwarf. Sissy suggested Shilo, after the Neil Diamond song. Except, because she is shy, her name is Shylo! Pretty good, huh?


Squeaky discovered that dry sheep turds rolling across the barn floor make pretty darned good cat toys.


Trouble attacked my feet, tried to climb my legs. and got pecked by a chicken for getting all up in her face.

They kittens all played so hard they had to pause for a late morning nap. Except for Trouble. Everyone else (including Tiggy) was snuggled up to sleep, except for Trouble. She was too busy being under-foot in the feed room. When I finished with chores the other four were rested and running around for more fun. But no sign of Trouble. After a 20 minute search I found her curled up behind the grain barrel, covered with cobwebs and sound asleep.


Heading back to the house, Casey stopped me in the driveway to remind me that she is just as cute as the kittens, even if she IS an old lady!

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