Tiggy Time

The weather was so mild yesterday everyone wanted to be outside. Even my “old man”. And all the kittens were running around, playing in the sun. Which meant Tiggy got me all to himself for a change. Usually the kittens are trying to hog all the attention. So, even when I try to focus on Tiggy, he gets disgusted with being surrounded by whippersnappers and stalks away. With them all occupied he actually got to enjoy some uninterrupted Keen luvin’. We both enjoyed it.


My little hunters

The kittens have caught 3 pigeons this week. They keep dragging the corpses downstairs from the haymow. I keep throwing them outside. Today’s pigeon had been beheaded. I found Shylo batting the head around on top of a feed barrel, just like she was playing with a little ball. Ewwww!

Trouble and Squeaky


These two kittens have basically taken over Ruby’s nesting spot and made it into a bed. The hens aren’t laying much now that we are well into winter. However, I can foresee issues if the kittens are napping and Ruby needs to lay an egg.