Busy Busy Buzzy

Saturday Shylo was stalking a bumble bee. Sunday it snowed. WTH?!

My escort

I had a double escort from the barn to the house tonight. Casey usually waits in the bushes by the back step for me, but once in while she comes all the way down the driveway and walks up with me. And sometimes Tiggy will walk to the house with me before saying goodnight and then heading off for his nightly ramblings. Occasionally they will both walk with me. Here’s the problem; they do not like each other. So neither of them wants to walk near the other, or walk ahead of the other (in case of a sneak attack form behind). So they have to have me in the middle, which would be fine if the weren’t constantly trying to switch sides while never letting the other out of their sight. Right in front of where I am trying to put my feet. And stopping to make sure the other does not get behind them. Right where I am trying to put my feet. While I am carrying the day’s eggs. In the dark. Good times.

Easy chair?

Squeaky like to sit on my lap while I am guarding the lamb creep during feeding. Maggie likes to stand next to me for scratches when she’s done eating. Tonight the temptation of that soft, fluffy wool was too much. Squeaky jumped onto Maggie’s back. Maggie didn’t seem to mind. Squeaky stayed put, even when Maggie was moving around, trying to direct me to the right spots to scratch. It wasn’t until Chevy got too nosy (bottom photo) that Squeaky decided to come back to my lap.