Still hanging in there, but…


Scarlet is still hanging on, but she keeps getting weaker. Today she did get out of the bed I made for her, but only walked about 2 feet. She was shivering, too. I don’t understand it. She is pooping, so her guts are working on the food I’ve been forcing into her. She is not snotty of congested, so it’s not a cold. She is not panting, so it’s not pneumonia. She is not feverish. She just is weak, lethargic, and won’t eat. The antibiotics haven’t helped. I can’t imagine what it could be. She does have enough energy to fight me when I try to force-feed her, so that’s a good thing. But she is slowly getting worse every day. Wish I knew what to do.

3 thoughts on “Still hanging in there, but…

    1. I think sugar would just give her empty calories. I have been feeding her a thin gruel made of layer mash, a little vegetable juice for vitamins, a little yogurt for the good gut bacteria, and a water-electrolite solution for hydration. I don’t give them sugar when they are healthy. I just don’t think giving them sugar when they are sick would help.


      1. Electrolytes! That was actually the word I wanted, couldn’t bring it to mind, not sugar, because I agree with you about that. Fingers crossed then – you’re obviously doing all you can x

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