Come on, Scarlet! Get better already!


Scarlet is not getting any better. She is losing weight, is very lethargic, won’t eat. I have been force feeding her broth with a syringe to keep her strength up. She cannot get up to roost by herself. But if I lift her up to sleep there for the night, she will not get herself down. So tonight I made her a little bed on the floor right in front of the waterer. She will drink if I set her right in front of it. Hopefully if she is parked there she will at least keep herself hydrated. I put a dish of food right in her bed, maybe she will eat something. And with the blanket to hold in some body heat, maybe her energy can be better spent fighting off whatever is ailing her instead of keeping warm. She needs to start showing improvement! I don’t know what else to do for her.

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