This is something I never thought I’d see!


Cookie joined Tiggy in his bed. AND Tiggy allowed it! Cookie has been the most persistent of all the kittens about engaging Tiggy. He actually elicited a growl out of Tiggy tonight when he tried to start wrestling with him. Tiggy does not play. When the other kittens pounce on Tiggy’s tail or rub against him, Tiggy ignores them for a while, then walks away. The others usually get the message and move on. Tonight Cookie would not give up. When Cookie got into Tiggy’s bed I half expected Tiggy to chase him out, angrily. But they snuggled up together and were purring. I don’t know if Cookie’s persistence has paid off, or if Tiggy’s cold old bones won out over his grouchiness. It was nice to see. I set up a nice big bed box for the kittens – well insulated and warm, and big enough for them all to fit so they can keep each other warm. Tiggy has his own bed, which I have made as warm as I can. But it makes me so happy to know he is willing to share. It should help make winter much more comfortable for the old man.

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