What if?

Levi announced to me today that he wants a skateboard for Christmas. Okaaay. Do you even know how to ride a skateboard? No, do you? I do not.

A few minutes later he said he is going to tell his Mom that he wants to have his next birthday party at a skate park. I asked him what if his friends don’t know how to ride skateboards. That will be OK because you can also use roller skates, scooters, and bikes at skate parks. Ahhh. “Do you know how to ride a scooter, Aunt Keen?” I used to think so, but the last time I tried ended in disaster. (I still have the scars to prove it.) He said it’s probably because I’m so old. In fact, he wasn’t even sure old people are allowed in skate parks because they can’t skate.

Well, I had seen an episode of Betty White’s “Off Their Rockers” where an old man was doing all kinds of skate board tricks. “Really?” He asked. “Do you think grandpa could skateboard?” “I would pay good money to see that!” I said.

At this point the conversation turned to the hilariously bizarre.

Levi suggested that grandpa probably would not put one foot on the board and push with the other. He would probably put both feet on the board and use his cane like a paddle to push himself along. We both had a good laugh over that image.

Then I suggested he might fall off that way, to which Levi came up with the perfect solution. Grandpa could keep both feet on the board and use his walker with wheels to push himself along. We were both laughing pretty hard picturing him rolling along.

That’s when this popped into my head. I pictured him rolling along on his skateboard with his walker, doing great, until he got to the end of his oxygen hose. OMG! I know I’m going straight to hell, but it was hilarious!

And just so you don’t think I’m too evil, I told the story to Dad tonight and he almost busted a gut laughing himself.


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