Good Bye My Little Buddy


Little Buddy showed up today. I don’t know where she has been for the last two days, but she came home to die. Found her laying on the barn floor, low body temp., barely responsive, signs of a massive uterine infection. I knew it was too late to do anything for her at this point, but I tried anyway. Gave her a high-dose shot of penicillin and a shot of banamine for the pain and inflammation. The treatment might have worked if I could have given it to her two days ago, but she was too far gone. Made her as comfortable as I could, and she slipped away. I hate to think what she must have suffered these past 48 hours. Hate to see any animal suffering.

I took this photo last week. She is on the left in the foreground. You can see her aunt and cousins behind her. As you can see, I have other barn cats. But Little Buddy was a real pain in the ass, always sticking her nose into whatever I was doing, getting in the way, trying to wrestle my hand when I wanted to pet her, demanding attention when I was busiest. I am going to miss her so much.

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