Two more from Monday

After Martha’s triplets and Peppa’s single lamb on Monday I was hoping for a break. After I left for work that afternoon Sissy texted that Hazel had twins. Six lambs in one day, bringing our total to 27 so far. We are at the halfway mark. Hazels’s babies are a boy and a girl, Henry and Hillary.

My vision of a giant co-family with Martha and Peppa mothering the 6 lambs together did not materialize. Once the lambs started to get dry Martha went one way with her three and Peppa went another way with her single. And poor Farah was left out in the cold again. So we have a bottle lamb. Sissy holds Frannie so Farah can get some real mother’s milk twice a day, but my back issues will not allow me to do that. So I feed her a bottle 3 times a day. And Hazel’s girl, Hillary, has been falling behind her brother in gaining weight, so we are supplementing her with a bottle, too.

The sheep have given me a break, no births for two days. Whew! I needed the rest! I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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