Welcome Floyd

Another new baby today. Flower became a first time mama today. Floyd weighed in at 11 lb, big for a yearling’s lamb. Being a first-timer, Flower has to learn a few things. She did well cleaning him off and letting him nurse. But, she needs to learn that she can’t head out of the barn at a run with the rest of the herd. Poor Floyd didn’t even know what happened. One minute his mama was there, the next minute she was gone. I carried him out to pasture with him bleating the whole way. A soon as Flower heard him she remembered she had a baby. She started running around frantically, calling for him. She couldn’t seem to understand that he was with me. I finally made her understand where he was and, using the lamb to coax her, got her back into the barn. I felt she needed some more practice at being a mama before being outside with him.

In the meantime Lily, Cora, and their respective babies seem to have sorted everything out. The correct babies are bonded with the correct mamas.

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