Welcome Pip


Our first lamb of the year was born this morning. Pita, our second oldest ewe at 8 years old, had a nice big 12 lb ram lamb. A strong and healthy little guy. Pita did not lamb the past two years. Sissy was talking about culling her. Pita is a Pain In The Ass, but she is a nice girl. I am so relieved she produced a lamb this year. That means she can stay. And hopefully Pip will grow fast and well so we can get a good price for him soon. The farm funds are getting low with lambing starting so late this year. We usually are winding up the season by now. We have never started so late before, thanks to the dud of a ram we got last fall. I’ve gotta say, though, it will be a relief to not have to worry about chilled newborns.

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