When is the snow going away?

It has been 3 weeks since we got dumped on by Mother Nature. The sheep do not like to walk through deep snow. So, for three weeks they have confined themselves to the trampled-down area right outside the barn door and against the south wall of the barn (where they can scratch their backs). The day before the storm (3/1) was 60 degrees outside. The sheep got out of the fence and headed to the soybean field.


When I let them back in the barn that day I just opened the barnyard gate and called them. They came running, so I ran to the barn door to shut it behind them once they were inside. Never went out and to shut the pasture gate. By next morning the snow was too deep to even try.


Three weeks later that gate is still open, 10 feet from the trampled-down area.


The girls haven’t even tried to get out. They have to be getting tired of staying in the same small area every day. What they don’t seem to realize is how much the snow has settled. They could easily walk through it now without getting bogged down. And I’m sure not gonna tell them.

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