Baaad Baaad Sheep!


Yesterday the sheep got out of the fence. All but one. Maggie Mae apparently did not get the memo about the escape plans. So the whole flock, minus one, headed to the soybean field to eat what the harvester left behind. Maggie was freaking out. She could not get to the rest. Sheep are not happy being away from the flock. She was calling and calling to them, running around, trying to figure out how to rejoin them. I finally decided to help her out. She ran up to me in the barn yard, panting with anxiety. I decided to let them stay in the field, since they weren’t near the road. But Maggie was scared to go by herself. I had to walk her over to join the rest of the escaped convicts. Brats.

One thought on “Baaad Baaad Sheep!

  1. hello maggie mae its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay i feel yore pain i wuz always verry upset to be separayted frum my pak of me and trixie and tucker and mama and dada!!! now of korse owr pak is smaller but fortchoonatly it has stil got mama and dada in it to provide reashooranse like yores did!!! ok bye

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