And she’s still hanging on


I didn’t see Scarlet when I got in the barn tonight. I figured she must have crawled off to die somewhere. I found her huddled under my nephew’s wagon. Still alive! Unbelievable! She is nothing but bones and feathers, but she is still alert. However, she is showing signs of trouble breathing. Whatever this started out as, she has weakened so much that she now seems to be developing pneumonia. There is no way she is going to fight it off in her condition. If she is still alive tomorrow, unless some kind of miraculous improvement occurs, I am afraid I will have to make a decision I do not want to make. I know she is tired and weak, but is she suffering? Sigh. I just don’t know. She is still alert, still fighting. But if mere breathing becomes a struggle for her, can I let her linger on? This sucks!

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