Still here


Amazingly, Scarlet is still hanging in there. I don’t know how. There is nothing to her. She is too weak to even keep herself upright. Very often when an animal has been this sick for this long, they tend to “slip away” mentally. They may still be breathing, but they have withdrawn and are no longer “there”. Scarlet sleeps a lot, but she is still alert. She lifts her head whenever I approach and watches any activity going on nearby. This tells me she is still fighting. As long as she is still fighting, I will keep doing what I can for her.

3 thoughts on “Still here

  1. You really are amazing! I wish I had some advice to offer, but I’m afraid when my chickens get sick and don’t respond to treatment, I usually just whack off their heads. That probably makes me a horrible person … I care for them and give them treats as well as good food, and they have the run of quite a big garden when veggies aren’t young and tender, and when I go out and they all come running to see what I’ve brought them it makes me smile. Sometimes I like to just sit and watch them. But I can’t claim that I love them, really – not the way you do. I don’t even name them. So I really hope she pulls through, because you deserve it!

    Have you tried asking the folk at ? I’ve found some excellent advice there … Lots of very dedicated chicken people who love their birds the way you do. You could also try asking Dorreen at Mother Hen Diaries … She doesn’t post as often as she used to but she’s very knowledgeable, so she might be able to help if she sees your message in time.

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    1. I know most chicken people would do the same as you. When you have a lot of chickens it just isn’t possible. I have a cousin who has kept and loved chickens her whole life. Her advice was to let nature take its course. I only have 6 hens. While I do enjoy them, I would not say I love them. I just can’t stand to see an animal suffering without trying to help.


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