If you must use graffiti, learn to spell!


I know the photo is hard to make out. I only had my phone with me to take a photo. I was in a bathroom stall at work. The graffiti says, “No tolit paper in hear” followed by a frowning face. I am assuming “tolit” translates to toilet. If, indeed, the stall was out of toilet paper, it is truly a situation calling for a frowning face. I am also going to assume that the writer was lamenting the lack of toilet paper in the location of the the stall, here, and not the lack of the sound of toilet paper, hear.

I had two reactions to this. My first reaction is this is the same reaction I have to our Cheeto in chief; if you are going to make a public statement in writing, make sure you know how to spell the words you want to express! Coffeve!

My second reaction is this; wouldn’t it be more effective to inform a maintenance associate of the lack of “tolit” paper than to vandalize a bathroom stall? If no maintenance associate is available, perhaps a note (on a piece of paper) attached to the OUTSIDE of the stall door as a warning to the next potential toilet-user would be a better strategy. The next person who is likely to need to use that stall is already going to be in a position where the information written on the inside of the stall will become known too late.

With this graffiti writer’s method there will be at least one more person forced to drip-dry AND a maintenance associate will have to attempt to clean permanent marker from the wall. The company’s scheduling practices make it very likely that maintenance associate will be the ONLY maintenance person working that day. So while he or she is busy scrubbing your graffiti, there is a good chance a stall in another bathroom in the building will be running out of “tolit” paper. Honestly I would find it hilarious if you are the one using that stall!

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