Is this food?


Sooo, my nephew’s daycare provider cleaned out her pantry the other day. She packed up all the outdated bread, cookies, fruit, etc. and sent them home with my sister for the sheep. Included in the “donation” were a couple of rice cakes. At first I gave them to the chickens. They like grains of all kinds. Yeah, this morning those rice cakes were still there. Untouched. So, I decided to give them to the sheep. They will eat just about anything but meat. The sheep FEASTED on all the other goodies. They cleaned out their tubs and headed to their mangers to browse on hay. And still sitting there, untouched? The rice cakes. Now I say, if chickens, who will turn around and eat their own shit, and sheep, who are bottomless pits with wool on them, will not eat these things, WHY do human beings torture themselves by eating them?

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