“Ricky, I wanna be in the show!”

Levi and I visited the petting zoo at the fair. The people who run the petting zoo also put on a wildlife show  next to the tent that housed the zoo 3 times a day. There were several parrots on perches in the center of the petting zoo, out of reach. Levi noticed this blue parrot climbing down the outside of the fence that enclosed his section. The parrot started walking across the grass of the fairgrounds. Levi was worried the parrot was trying to escape. He followed after it, shouting, “Parrot on the loose! Parrot on the loose!”

The parrot did not go far. He climbed the fence around the stage for the wildlife show. Levi got the attention of one of the guys setting up for the next performance. It turns out the blue parrot, appropriately named Sully, does this every chance he gets. Any time he sees them setting up for a performance he tries to escape the petting zoo and heads over to the stage. He wants to be in the show. But they use a red parrot for the show.

Sully wants to be in the show, but they don’t want him. But he keeps trying to sneak in, like Lucy trying to sneak into Ricky Ricardo’s show. Once in a while they will put Sully on a perch to the side of their stage, but they still use the red parrot as the star. Poor Sully!

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