At twilight the pigeons head to the haymow to roost. If the kittens are outside they watch intently. I guess Trouble thinks she can get a better view from on top of the fence post.

Category? It could only happen to me…


So it was already dusk when I went to the haymow to throw down hay. The pigeons had already roosted and were disturbed by my coming. I could hear them flapping around and twittering. Then I felt something lightly touch my chest. I shouted, “Did you just shit on me? You nasty pigeons!” I looked down at my shirt, but didn’t see anything. But I KNOW I felt something right in the vicinity of the bottom of my shirt pocket. So now I’m thinking, “Nooo WAY!” “Ohhh, you pigeons better not have shit on my cigarettes!” Apprehensively look in my pocket and there it is, right down in the corner, neatly piled next to my cigarette pack. No smears, no splatters. The shit landed perfectly, neatly in the bottom corner of my pocket. What are the odds of that shit falling exactly into that 1/2″ gap where the cigarettes pushed the top of the pocket open, without hitting the pack or the sides of the pocket? That is some precision shitting right there!

Little Pigeon

I am sad to report that Little Pigeon did not make it. I found him downstairs today, already dead. He must have fallen down the hay chute again. I don’t know if the fall killed him or if the chickens “knocked him off”. He wasn’t eaten, so I know it wasn’t Tiggy. It was just a stupid pigeon. There are hundreds of them making pests of themselves, crapping all over the haymow. I have not problem with the cats catching them. No problem when they become hawk or owl fodder. Don’t even get bothered when dad makes a trip to the barn with a rifle full of bird shot. But I feel bad that this stupid little fledgling died. Stupid bird!


More dinner?


I’ll admit, I was expecting to find a pile of  feathers as the only evidence of Little Pigeon today. But apparently Tiggy wasn’t hungry. He was still wandering around the barn. Seemed to be OK… Until I fed the chickens. They don’t seem to mind him pecking and scratching around. When I filled their feeder there was a feeding frenzy, as usual. Then Little Pigeon got too close to their feeder and the hens all wigged out! Holy Crap! They were so violent! All six of them attacked him. They were pecking him so hard, picking him up in their beaks, throwing him around. I thought they would kill him. Keen to the rescue! Had no problem catching him today. I took him back in the haymow. But I don’t know if his parents will still take care of him. I’ll check on him again tomorrow.

Look who came to dinner

This little guy is a pigeon fledgling. He must have fallen down through the hay chute from the haymow. I could not get close enough to catch him and take him back upstairs to his parents. He did join the chickens in pecking and scratching food the lambs had dropped. He can’t quite fly, yet. Just short, little flapping hops. If Tiggy doesn’t get him I will see if I can catch him tomorrow and put him back where he belongs.