Trouble and Squeaky


You wash my face, I’ll wash yours.

Walking on water!


The temperature dropped last night. And dropped and dropped! The wind picked up. It is cold cold cold! And feels even colder! Brrrr!

I spent an hour before starting chores covering barn windows with feed bags to cut down on drafts. Up until today it has been cold, but not cold enough to cover the windows. In fact, it has been mild enough that I’ve still kept a couple of the windows cracked. (It is a very old barn. Ventilation is not great, while insulation is non-existent.) When the water tubs freeze over, it’s time to winterize. The animals are fine, but when lambs start arriving (which will hopefully be soon) it is better to have it a bit warmer. Plus, it is much more comfortable for me when I am doing chores.

The kittens were funny. They seemed endlessly fascinated by the fact they could walk around on top of the water. After I broke the ice, dumped out the tubs, and refilled them with fresh water, I half-expected one of them to jump in and try it again. Fortunately they were smart enough to test the surface before jumping in. Once they realized the water was liquid again they lapped up a drink and quickly lost interest in the tubs.

Burning brush

Sissy made a fire to burn some downed branches. Levi helped, picking up branches and twigs, and throwing pine cones in the fire so it would burn hotter. The kitties ventured over from the barn to check it out. They have never seen fire before, but were smart enough to keep their distance, but were very curious. They were climbing to the top of the hay wagon for a better look.


The kittens were gathered on their perch. Trouble fell asleep sitting up. She kept nodding and nodding until she face-planted right into Albert’s side. The deeper she fell asleep, the harder her face smooshed into into him. It was so cute.