Snowing in the Haymow

We got a real nor’easter starting last night. 30+ inches of snow in 12 hours with lots of wind. The wind was blowing snow in through all the cracks in the haymow walls.

And Winter is Baaack

Last night when I got done with chores the temperature was in the upper 60s (F). It was almost too warm, and terribly humid. This morning when I headed out to the barn it was 10 degrees (F). During the night the temperatures plummeted, rain turned to freezing rain, to sleet, to snow with lots of wind. It was a nice thaw while it lasted.



It was almost too warm today. It was awesome! No ice on the water tubs, no ice in the chicken waterer. The sheep ventured out to the orchard today instead of huddling in the barnyard. I actually took my coat off for a while when I was doing chores. This is much better.

Five below yesterday


It was a beautiful, sunny day yesterday. It was also 5 below zero (F). I don’t know why, but somehow the bright sunshine, when it’s that cold, makes it feel even worse. The wind was still gusting and the girls didn’t want to go out at all. I had to chase them out the door. (They are fine! For those unfamiliar with livestock, a few hours outside in sub zero temperatures will not hurt them at all. They stayed close to the barn so they were out of the wind. They just don’t like going out when there is nothing for them to eat because the pasture is covered with snow.) The wind was driving the cold right into the barn. The chicken water was starting to freeze within 10 minutes of when I refilled their jug. I am so tired of freezing my tookus off doing chores!

Enough, already!


Temps today stayed pretty steady at 2 above (F). With gusting wind all day!

On the left is how I always park my wheelbarrow. On the right you can see where the wind flipped it right over.


It was so cold in the barn my eggs froze and cracked. They were perfect when I dated them and put them in the basket.

So 2 degrees (F) plus gusting winds makes it feel like “SCREW THIS!”

Not nice, Mother Nature!

Today it was 5 degrees (F) at 2 pm. It was 21 degrees in the barn. The wind is blowing the frigid air right in. The Kittens were ALL trying to squeeze into Tiggy’s bed (they have their own, but I guess Tiggy’s is warmer?). The chickens went to roost at 2 pm, even though it was a bright, sunny day. I thought my toes were gonna freeze off. When I got out of work tonight my car thermometer said minus 4. But the wind makes it feel much worse. I’ve had quite enough of winter, now.