I hadn’t seen Tiggy for 4 days. I don’t always see him every day. He comes and goes as he pleases. But most days he usually at least makes an appearance while I’m doing chores, just to make sure I put food in his dish. Occasionally he is too busy and I won’t see him for a day or two. But he’s never stayed away 4 days before. I was getting very worried. So many horrible possibilities were running through my mind. Was he so jealous of the kittens he ran away? Did he go in the road and get hit? Did a coyote get him? He was waiting for me when I did chores today, like nothing happened. He has lost weight. Now I’m wondering if he got shut up in somebody’s garage or something. Or, maybe he was off sulking somewhere. Either way, I spent a lot of time fussing over him to welcome him home. Both one on one time and time with Casey and the kittens, while focusing on him. He went to his bowl to eat several times, but seemed to be craving attention more than food. I was sooo relieved and happy to see him! Mt precious boy!