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Tonight was one of those nights when Bear just followed me around begging for scratches. But it was raining when the sheep were out so she was all wet. I hate handling the sheep when they are wet. I tried to get away with just lightly patting her forehead, but she would not let up. Looking at me with those sad brown eyes. Eventually I caved and gave her scratches. Bleah!


Soggy Sheep


Thank goodness it’s raining! For a minute there I was getting worried. We almost had three days in a row without any rain!

I’ve been checking the sheep everyday lately to make sure their wool isn’t getting moldy.

Mom says the old-timers used to say, “A cold, wet May means a barn full of hay.”

May I just add; A rainy, wet June makes the barnyard a lagoon. I think the old-timers would agree.

And tomorrow starts July. If this weather continues I will be compelled to say; a nasty, wet July means the hay can’t get dry.

This could really be a problem. I mean, I am assuming the sheep will be wanting to eat come winter time.