More girls getting the spa treatment

Sissy sheared another 5 sheep today. Bobo and Mooty were the hardest to catch. All the white sheep are done. Just the three black sheep left to shear.

Sheep Diet Fail

Bear, Moana, Fatty Patty! You guys have been on a diet for months; why are you still so fat?! Now that Sissy has shorn you, the wool does not hide your obesity any more. How can you still be so fat after months of being on a diet? How can this be?

Spa day for the girls

Sissy came to shear some sheep yesterday. They would get a hair cut, worm treatment, and a mani-pedi. So, they will be cooler, their tummies will feel better, and their hooves will be nicely trimmed. All good things. So, naturally they all headed to the opposite end of the barn and made it difficult for Sissy to catch them.