Today’s adventure


I had to move the electro-net today. It was soooo hot and muggy. The sweat was running off me. When I saw this little cutie in the grass I had a heck of a time getting his photo. Sweat kept dripping off me onto my phone’s touch screen and changing my settings. This was the best I could do. In the mean time I was dragging the fence through waist high weeds, trying to avoid thistles, nettles, and wild parsnip, trying to keep an eye out for snakes. The hayseeds were sticking to my sweaty skin, mosquitoes and black flies were biting me. And right when I was at the farthest point away from the barn it started to rain. Sure, the rain felt nice and cool, but have you ever tried walking through high, wet weeds? Oye! I felt so filthy by the time I got back to the barn. Let the sheep out, went back in the barn, feeling sticky and gross, and the rain stopped. No time to clean up or change, had to pick up my nephew from day care. Bleah! I am ready for summer to be over!