Cookie was freaking out the sheep, sticking his head in and out of a gap haymow wall.


This little guy showed up in the barn while I was doing chores yesterday. My kitties were cautiously curious/territorial. Our visitor is (I am guessing) close to their age, slightly smaller and lighter. He was terrified, shaking with fear. I tried to approach him several times, but my guys were always there, intimidating him. When I fed my kitties and they were busy eating I was able to make better progress. He cautiously came to me and let me pet him. Then he was very affectionate. Clearly this little guy is used to people and has been loved. He is very thin, probably hasn’t eaten in several days.

So, I don’t know if he is lost or if he has been abandoned. For now I have him in the house to keep track of him. He has settled right in, clearly he is accustomed to being a house cat. I have posted his picture on my fb page and shared it around. If he is lost I want to reunite him with him family. However, if he is abandoned we will be keeping him. My Mom has been wanting a solid gray kitty and he is a really nice boy. We haven’t named him yet. Will give it a couple of days to see if anyone claims him. We don’t want to get too attached.