And Winter is Baaack

Last night when I got done with chores the temperature was in the upper 60s (F). It was almost too warm, and terribly humid. This morning when I headed out to the barn it was 10 degrees (F). During the night the temperatures plummeted, rain turned to freezing rain, to sleet, to snow with lots of wind. It was a nice thaw while it lasted.

The Critters are loving this weather

All the animals are loving this break from the cold snap. The sheep are happy to see the ground again, with a chance to find some forage. The chickens ventured outside today for the first time in weeks. Tiggy went outside the barn voluntarily and then hung around to be sociable instead of snuggling up in his warm bed. The kittens were in and out the open barn door all afternoon. And this human critter was able to do chores without snowpants, coat, and heavy insulated boots. I felt so liberated.

January Thaw

Temperatures got up into the 50s (F) today. It was glorious, except…

Melting snow was causing the driveway and barnyard to flood. I spent most of the day digging ditches. Chopping through the ice with an ax, then chipping away at the frozen ground with a shovel. At least it was a nice day to be working outside. But my back is definitely not appreciating my efforts tonight.