The girls want some ACTION!

We are currently without a ram. We sold Riley at the end of last breeding season. He was with us for 2 seasons and had to go because otherwise he would have been breeding his own grand daughters. He also had to go because he was a true asshole of a sheep.


This is him, giving me the evil eye over the fence, angry because he couldn’t get to me through the fence. He was TERRIBLE! Most rams will butt their heads against people, especially when they are in rut. But Riley liked to get a running start! 350 pounds of testosterone charging at me full speed. Not fun. He had me down in the barn several times and once in the pasture when I thought he was trying to kill me. Not only was he an ass to me, he was a bully to the ewes as well. Fat as they are, he outweighed them all by at least 100 pounds and he was always throwing his weight around with them. About 1/3 of the flock would not stand for him. The only reason we kept him for 2 years is because he sired such big, beautiful lambs and lots of twins. But when it was time for him to go I said, “Buh-bye, now!” without remorse.

However, breeding season has begun and we do not have a replacement yet. Sissy insists on getting another Tunis ram. They are not common in the area. So it has taken her a while to line up a purchase and delivery. I would actually prefer some other breed. I like the variety we get from hybrids. I would love to see the lambs we might get from a Lincoln or a Romney. But she wants a Tunis, so we wait. Our new guy is supposed to be here next weekend.

In the meantime the girls are getting quite impatient. They want action now! I am seeing a lot of head butting between the ewes. And the 2 ram lambs we are trying to fatten up are trying like heck to get in on the action. They can’t quite reach, but they keep trying to mount. I expect them to ask me for a foot stool any day.


This is Maggie Mae. She has always been a beggar for back scratches. These last couple weeks she has not been begging for back scratches. She has been DEMANDING butt scratches. If I don’t comply she starts rubbing her butt against my leg. I keep telling her, “This is not appropriate behavior!” She doesn’t care. I am starting to feel uncomfortable…