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In the sunbeam


“BuGAWK! I thought this was a private beach!”

“Buck buck! Who let that cat in here?”

“Brrrawk! Why is she staring at us?”

“Buck-a-buck! What’s the matter, furface? You’ve never seen anyone sunbathing before?!”



That’s MY spot!


Every once in a while Ruby, on the right, will try to steal Cinnamon’s roosting spot. Cinnamon, on the left, can’t physically force her off, but gives her no rest until she moves on her own. Giving the evil eye, pecking her feet, etc.. Usually I end up intervening. I know it’s normal for chickens to fight at times, to keep up the pecking order, but I usually break up these fights if I see them. Besides, I know Ruby doesn’t really want to sleep there, she just got pushed down the line by the other hens. Cinnamon always wants the end spot, just doesn’t always get there before the others have gone to roost. Of course, when I move Ruby down I have to shuffle all the rest down, too, so Ruby can be in HER spot.

Napping spot

I couldn’t find Albert this morning. I called and called, looked in all his regular spots. I finally spotted him, sound asleep in Ruby’s favorite nesting spot. It’s just a rusty old dishpan lined with hay, set up on a high shelf. I had to make a nest up there after finding a hoard of eggs on top of the wall. Ruby has been laying in that old dishpan since I set it up for her. I wonder what she will do if she finds Albert there when she’s ready to lay her egg tomorrow…

That’s MY Chair, Cinnamon!


The hens want me to hurry up and feed them. Every day they crowd around me while I mix up their wet mash. They pin me with their eyes. They have a look that is half starved/abused animal straight out of a PETA commercial and half pharaoh commanding his slaves. They want to arouse my pity so that I will rush to rescue them from certain death by malnutrition. At the same time time they want to ensure that will not dawdle or forget my duty in serving their favorite repast. Six against one. The sheep will yell at me over the gate to hurry me along. The hens use this harsher tactic. It can be very intimidating, especially when they start flapping up onto my chair or the feed barrels to oversee my work.

Luna and Georgia

Luna seems to be fully recovered. She can walk a straight line, she can turn her head to the right, make a right turn. And, now that she isn’t being poked with a needle 3 times a day, she has forgiven me and lets me give her scratches again.

Whatever was going on with Georgia seems to have fixed itself. She’s been strutting and pecking like normal the past 2 days. I hate when they start acting weird and you don’t know why!