Enough, already!


Temps today stayed pretty steady at 2 above (F). With gusting wind all day!

On the left is how I always park my wheelbarrow. On the right you can see where the wind flipped it right over.


It was so cold in the barn my eggs froze and cracked. They were perfect when I dated them and put them in the basket.

So 2 degrees (F) plus gusting winds makes it feel like “SCREW THIS!”

Frozen Pumpkins


Took me almost an hour to chop up one pumpkin for the sheep tonight. It was frozen solid. And that was after letting it sit under a heat lamp for almost an hour. And then the pieces were still so hard-frozen the sheep had a real struggle to chew them. Only the most avid pumpkin lover, like Martha (above), persisted. Apparently pumpkincicles are not worth the amount of work it takes to eat them. The rest decided to just eat their hay sans treats. That’s when you KNOW it’s cold.