Little Helper


Had a fun Keenday with Levi

It was a wet, muddy, sloppy day. Rolling our snowmen, we were picking up grass, leaves, and June’s lawn deposits. We went sledding, both got soaked. June disappeared for a few minutes, came back with a deer leg some hunter had left in the woods. We had cotton candy for lunch (after cheeseburgers and cheese fries). We colored and played with Legos. Now that he is in school we don’t get as many Keendays. Today was awesome.

Collecting Pine Cones

Levi came with me to pick up wind-fallen apples. (I think he really just wanted to get a ride in the trailer.) While I was getting the apples, Levi started picking up pine cones for his “collection”. I managed to fill 4 buckets with apples, Levi filled 3 buckets with pine cones.