Luna and Georgia

Luna seems to be fully recovered. She can walk a straight line, she can turn her head to the right, make a right turn. And, now that she isn’t being poked with a needle 3 times a day, she has forgiven me and lets me give her scratches again.

Whatever was going on with Georgia seems to have fixed itself. She’s been strutting and pecking like normal the past 2 days. I hate when they start acting weird and you don’t know why!



I don’t know what is going on with Georgia lately. The other hens take 15-20 minutes to lay their eggs. Georgia will sit there for 2-3 HOURS before she produces an egg. Sometimes she moves around like she can’t get comfortable. Sometimes she appears to be asleep. Sometimes she breathes with her beak open, as if she is doing Lamaze. Is there such a thing as chronic eggstipation?