My little hunters

The kittens have caught 3 pigeons this week. They keep dragging the corpses downstairs from the haymow. I keep throwing them outside. Today’s pigeon had been beheaded. I found Shylo batting the head around on top of a feed barrel, just like she was playing with a little ball. Ewwww!

Little Pigeon

I am sad to report that Little Pigeon did not make it. I found him downstairs today, already dead. He must have fallen down the hay chute again. I don’t know if the fall killed him or if the chickens “knocked him off”. He wasn’t eaten, so I know it wasn’t Tiggy. It was just a stupid pigeon. There are hundreds of them making pests of themselves, crapping all over the haymow. I have not problem with the cats catching them. No problem when they become hawk or owl fodder. Don’t even get bothered when dad makes a trip to the barn with a rifle full of bird shot. But I feel bad that this stupid little fledgling died. Stupid bird!