Burning brush

Sissy made a fire to burn some downed branches. Levi helped, picking up branches and twigs, and throwing pine cones in the fire so it would burn hotter. The kitties ventured over from the barn to check it out. They have never seen fire before, but were smart enough to keep their distance, but were very curious. They were climbing to the top of the hay wagon for a better look.

Getting to know the new babies


I brought these three little girls home yesterday evening. Today I got to know them a bit and tackled the task of naming them.

I love all black cats. I inherited my first black cat, Blackie, when my Aunt died. I was a kid. Then I had a long haired black cat named Spooky. I was toying with the idea of naming this little girl for her color. However, after spending time with her today, her color is not her most distinct characteristic. She has a very high-pitched meow, reminds me of a seagull. And she talks A LOT! I have named her Squeaky.

This little girl is nothing but trouble! 20 minutes after letting the kittens out of their kennel I had to fish her out of the water tub. Got her dried off and she went right back to look at the water again. She buried herself in a hay manger, climbed up to and across the chickens’ roost, got into EVERYTHING. Her name is Trouble!

This one has got me stumped for the time being. She is very shy around me, so far. She quickly made friends with Cookie and was exploring all around the barn. I will just have to wait until I know her a little better.

Cookie was in seventh heaven, having new friends to play with!

Albert was more stand-offish, keeping out of reach of the new additions for now. But, it took him a couple days to get friendly with Cookie and now they are best buddies. I’m sure he will come around soon.


Tiggy gave them each a sniff, ate some food, and went back to bed. He’s still not thrilled about Cookie and Albert. He doesn’t show aggression towards them, but if they get too close he runs away. My grumpy old man.

I would say I am well on my way to being a crazy old cat lady!