Can you see my right foot in the photo? Are you wondering why I am sitting in this awkward position? Well, let me tell you…

The lambs have all gotten too big to fit in through the creep openings. So, I have to let them in and out through the gate. The problem? The big ones are constantly trying to sneak in there and eat the lambs’ food. So why don’t I just let the lambs in and secure the gate? Two reasons. First, the lambs often want to come out mid-meal and get a drink, then go back into the creep. Second, some of the lambs freak out if they think they can’t get out. They will try to squeeze themselves through the too-small creep openings and get stuck. I’m always afraid they will hurt themselves, crack a rib or something. I sit next to the gate with my foot holding the gate shut. When I see a nose peeking underneath I know someone wants to come out. I take my foot off the gate to let it swing open while blocking the big ones with my arms and legs.

The adults drive me nuts! Hovering around like vultures, just waiting for their chance to sneak in. Such greed! They are willing to steal food from their own babies! How cold is that? And here’s the kicker…

Do you see that cute, fluffy ewe in the photo? That is Maggie Mae. She comes over to me, asking for scratches. She acts so sweet and affectionate. All she wants is some lovin’. Until that second that gate starts to crack open! Oh, I’m on to your game, Maggie Mae!


We feed the lambs in a creep, a pen with an opening big enough for the lambs to get in and out, but too small for the adults to get in. That was the lambs can eat whenever they want. It helps them grow better. If you look at the first photo you will see there is an open window at the end of the creep. They window lets in sunlight, fresh air, …and chipmunks. They come in and clean up what the lambs drop on the floor. And “CHIP!” at me all the time. Look how full the guy on the end has stuffed his cheeks! Come on Casey and Tiggy, time to thin the “herd” some more.