More snow, more snow, and a sure sign of spring

One of my barn kitties, Albert, is mostly white with a few black patches. Lately he has been parking himself under Mom’s bird feeders when the weather is mild. He blends in with the snow quite nicely. While no one has witnessed any bird murders, Mom has not been happy about the situation. If I happen to notice Albert doing a vigil I try to chase him away before Mom notices him.

I had just finished chores yesterday and was taking off my boots when I noticed black and white movement outside the window. I was about to tap on the glass when I realized that it wasn’t Albert!

When the skunks start coming out of hibernation, spring can’t too far away.

It was NICE out today!


Temperature was close to 30 (F). Tiggy did not believe me. I cleaned the snow off his favorite rock and physically carried him out. (Got scratched for my efforts.) But once he was outside in the sun he really seemed to enjoy it. He stayed out for at least half an hour, catching some rays.